Who am I?

Personal Details

  • Name: Michael Hamson
  • Date of birth: 11 July 1967
  • Nationality: American Citizen
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Profesional Profile

I am an energetic and assertive professional. I have a keen understanding of the bigger picture while also having expertise as a developer at the granular level of the product life cycle. I firmly believe that the user experience is paramount to the success of any project and encompasses more then what can be seen.

I believe that direct contribution starts with a positive and proactive membership to the team.

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2004October - 2015Present

Mazzee Studio

2011 - 2014 Senior Developer
2004 - 2014 Project Manager
2006 - 2012 Development Mgr

Job Description

Project Manager
Responsible for cross-functional teams of IT, Development, Quality Assurance & Release Management. Met with internal stake holders and government based experts for assessment of product & feature requirements. Wire-framed and prototyped new concepts to help further along executive agendas. Hold daily stand-ups with local and remote teams as ScrumMaster. Build and define storyboards for scrum queue. Shipped reference level product & services while also providing record breaking industry firsts.

Developer/Development Manager
Manage a team of developers in the production of proprietary platforms. Provide assessment and guidance for infrastructure planning and implementation of online applications. Work directly with code base to ensure standards of coding practices as well as providing coding itself.

QA Engineer/QA Manager
Responsible for ensuring products & services meet the established standards of quality including reliability, usability and performance. Create detailed, comprehensive and well-structured test plans & cases. Review requirements specifications and technical design documents to provide timely and meaningful feedback. Write automation to conduct acceptance, functional, security, and performance testing. Perform manual functional, regression, and acceptance tests.

2007January - 2008June


Product Support Engineer

Job Description

Product Support Engineer
Provided technical support and solutions for enterprise level deployments of CRM software through customised implementations as well as providing development for added features and/or functional extensibility.

  • Provided technical support issue tracking and resolution.
  • Worked directly with end users and partners to resolve support issues.
  • Participated in QA testing of pre-production code releases.
  • Verified, documented, managed, and fixed bugs for maintenance releases.
  • Interfaced with Engineering and Sales teams.
  • Participated in the after-hours and weekend on-call rotation.
  • Communicated and provided regular status, performance, and operational reports to Management.

1997March - 2004October

Microsoft Corporation

2002 - 2004 Project Manager
1998 - 2002 Software Developer
1997 - 1998 QA Engineer (SDET)

Job Description

Project Manager
Manage developers in team efforts to build code for specific features and/or products in adherence to specifications. Provide proactive feedback and contributions to the product to ensure longevity and acceptance. Establish cost estimates and distribution of responsibilities in order to meet development cycle timelines. Write development implementation and SDK's for each product and/or feature. Interact with customers to establish needs and requirements for current and future products. Design and build specification to address known and interpreted needs for a product. Coordinate and manage the test and development teams to ensure standards adherence. Determine team time-lines, product/project cost estimates, and project status reporting to senior management

Software Development Engineer (SDE)
Was responsible for the design and implementation of robust, secure, and scalable web services, and deployment processes to support customer-facing applications. Coding efforts to ensure reliable high-traffic web application to support millions of unique visitors per month.

  • Worked with project managers to implement and support reliable, secure, and scalable backend web services.
  • Designed and implemented cutting edge API layers for the content publishing teams.
  • Worked closely with design and production teams to realise application functionality.
  • Made architectural recommendations for performance and stability and security.
  • Analysed feature designs and devise technical solutions.
  • Assisted with planning, estimation and distribution of work.
  • Developed deployment process and mechanisms.
  • Developed and implement stress testing plans.
  • Helped Production develop schedules and determine milestones.

QA Engineer (SDET)
Responsible for designing and implementing end to end automated testing processes and framework for windows.

  • Defined end to end automation test strategy.
  • Worked closely with development on automation architecture and design and to ensure integrity, reliability and effectiveness of automation.
  • Support, maintain and document the automation infrastructure and procedures.
  • Developed and executed automated end to end tests, analysing and reporting results as well as maintaining, extending and enhancing automation harness and testing infrastructure over time.
  • Worked with the team to identify telemetry needed for end to end user scenarios and adopted the appropriate telemetry infrastructure.
  • Analysed the telemetry for quality trends such as defects and design issues. Worked with the team to mitigate quality issues.
  • Tracked issues, reported defects to developers, reported detailed information to isolate testing scenarios for fast resolution.

My Education


1986September - 1990June

Cuesta Collage

Computer Science

School Profile Description

Spent four years at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo majoring in Computer Science.

  • CIS31 - Computer Science I
  • CIS32 - Computer Science II
  • CIS33 - Computer Science III
  • CIS41 - Discrete Structures
  • CIS17 - "C" Programming Language
  • CDT054AZ - Basic Programming
  • ENG19 - Logic & Switching Circuits
  • CIS40 - Microcomputer Architecture & Programming


  • Brad Kirkpatrick

    Performance Engineer

    Brad's reference and quote is available on request.

  • Taylor Parsons

    Senior Product Manager

    Taylor's reference and quote is available on request.

  • Gangadhar Kotte

    Vice President of Engineering

    GK's reference and quote is available on request.

  • Scott Harder

    Media Program Manager

    Scott's reference and quote is available on request.

What I’m best at

Skills & Knowledge

Development Skills

Swift 50%
PHP5 90%
MySQL 75%
HTML5 97%
CSS3 82%
SASS 55%
Javascript 80%


Project Managmeent Institue (PMI)

APMI Certification

Language Skills



  • iOS & MacOS Development
  • Swift
  • Vapor Framework
  • MVC & Singleton Patterns
  • RESTful architecture
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • MySQL Development
  • Less, SASS/SCSS Scripting
  • Agile Methodolgies
  • Prince2 Methodolgy

Hobbies & Interests

  • Football


    I do enjoy a good game as well has having some historical ties to Juventus FC and OGC Nice.

  • Environment


    Simply put, I believe that we have failed to take the needs of our environment into consideration when developing new technologies.

  • Photography


    I have always wanted to be an artist, but I have a hard time putting my ideas to canvas. Photography is my escape from this cage.

  • Movies


    I admit that I do not enjoy theatre. Cinema is the stage I prefer, especially quality movies that side-step Hollywood.

  • Technology


    Suspendisse dignissim nisi non velit interdum, in condimentum augue varius. Nullam ac eu lacus rhoncus.

  • Travel


    Travel is a monstrous addiction. I can only envy people like Ernest Hemingway & the Fitzgerald's who made a life of it.

  • Music


    I do love music, yet I find I am disturbed sometimes by how our tastes can transition as we mature.

A Synapse of my work


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    JW Marriott Indianapolis


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    Dr. Elan

    Project Management

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    PPC Genius


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    Becket Fund

    Project Management

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    Project Management


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